Mason Lear

Join date: June 13, 2018

  • Birth date: September 11
  • Birthplace: Las Vegas, NV
  • Ethnicity: n/a
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 176 lbs
  • Hair color: n/a
  • Measurements: n/a
  • Breasts: n/a
  • Penis size: n/a


  • 25-34 American
  • Average Dick Brown Hair
  • Short Hair
  • Number of Pictures (154)
  • Number of Videos (7)
  • Number of Likes (2)

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Grabbing hold of his thick cock and licking his lips is Mason Lear, a horny stud from Las Vegas who’s always down to fuck. Running his fingers up and down his rock hard penis, the hairy, dark-haired hunk admits he becomes weak in the knees when he’s presented with a tight asshole ready to be plowed by his big rod. A night in Sin City with this tall, bearded man is on wish lists everywhere, but how does Mason Lear feel about being the subject of so many fantasies? It’s made him stiff as a board.

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