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  • Birth date: March 28
  • Birthplace: Hiroshima, Japan
  • Ethnicity: Japanese[endOfTextAssetInfo],Asian
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Measurements: 32B-23-31
  • Breasts: Enhanced
  • Penis size: Average dick


  • Asian Athletic
  • Average Dick Blonde
  • Enhanced Japanese
  • Male to Female Medium Skin
  • Medium Tits Piercing
  • Small Ass
  • Number of Pictures (147)
  • Number of Videos (4)
  • Number of Likes (168)

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Precious Miran is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves living in Tokyo almost as much as she loves men. Originally from Nagoya, Japan, the blue-eyed blonde was first introduced to the English language when she met tourists visiting her hometown. With a taste for foreign men, the sexy Asian sensation wanted to up her seduction game in English, so she could let anybody know just what a treat they were in for. After taking a year abroad in Canada to study the language—and the muscular local men—Miran learned a valuable lesson: beauty needs no translation. Making a name for herself in the American porn industry, Miran has won the Transgender Erotica Award for Best Non-US Performer for two years in a row, even though she’s only been performing since 2014! A Japanese goddess in every sense of the word, Miran is sure to woo you.

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