Nicholas Ryder

Join date: February 11, 2019

  • Birth date: November 30
  • Birthplace: Kingston, NH
  • Ethnicity: n/a
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Hair color: n/a
  • Measurements: n/a
  • Breasts: n/a
  • Penis size: n/a


  • 25-34 American
  • Average Body Average Dick
  • Brown Hair Short Hair
  • Tattoo
  • Number of Pictures (25)
  • Number of Videos (1)
  • Number of Likes (0)

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A sexy foodie who loves to cook naked indoors and outdoors, Nicholas Ryder is the chef of your dreams. Wearing nothing more than an apron for safety concerns, especially when he’s cooking with oil, the tall hunk uses his skills in the kitchen as a way to connect with his lover. Both food and sex awaken feelings of pleasure and passion and Nicholas knows how to raise the heat even more as he flashes his cock while waiting for oven timer to go off. Bending over to take his fresh, hot buns out of the oven, Nick takes his sweet time in that position because he knows the only buns we’re interested in are his plump, juicy buns and after you catch a glimpse of them, you will be too.

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