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  • Birth date: November 30
  • Birthplace: Brazil
  • Ethnicity: n/a
  • Height: n/a
  • Weight: n/a
  • Hair color: n/a
  • Measurements: n/a
  • Breasts: n/a
  • Penis size: n/a


  • 25-34 Big Dick
  • Blond Hair Latin
  • Muscular Short Hair
  • Number of Pictures (50)
  • Number of Videos (1)
  • Number of Likes (1)

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Standing as tall and elegant as a marble statue, this Brazilian hottie goes by one name – Terrence. This South-American born stud is an absolute Adonis, blessed with sculpted washboard abs and a full head of thick blonde hair, he never has a shortage of lovers at his disposal. When he isn’t enjoying Carnival, this sun kissed star is putting his massive cock to work, pounding his way to porn fame one steamy scene at a time!

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