Tony Orlando

Join date: February 13, 2018

  • Birth date: November 30
  • Birthplace: Las Vegas, NV
  • Ethnicity: n/a
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Hair color: n/a
  • Measurements: n/a
  • Breasts: n/a
  • Penis size: n/a


  • 25-34 American
  • Big Dick Brown Hair
  • Short Hair Slim
  • Tattoo
  • Number of Pictures (79)
  • Number of Videos (2)
  • Number of Likes (1)

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Tony Orlando’s life motto is a simple one: try anything twice which has led to a very colorful sex life for the Las Vegas native. Flexing his creative muscle in the bedroom, the versatile and open-minded brunette has explored his sexuality and sexual preferences in ways most people fantasize about. From sexy ciswomen pegging him to dabbling in several fetishes including femdom and ABDL (adult baby diaper lover), Tony is definitely a sexual connoisseur. When he isn’t wiping adult bottoms or being fucked by a large, purple strap-on, the tall boy-next-door loves to lose himself in the world of sci-fi!

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