Blonde cutie Lena Kelly is an expert when it comes to the human body and how to touch it, which is why Dante Colle pays her top dollar to teach him how to be the perfect masseur. However, when Lena leaves Dante alone with the model ass she uses to educate new students he puts a lot more than his hands on it. Shocked at first, Lena realizes that she's been presented with a prime opportunity to see just how much Dante has learned. Lena sneaks under the sheet while Dante is out of the room, setting the perfect trap for the handsy horndog. Dante fucks Lena's ass through the sheet, only realizing it's her when she lets slip a moan of intense pleasure. Lena makes up for her trickery by letting Dante pound her tight hole long and deep all over the massage bed, working her into a frenzy in this sexy spa scene.

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